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BeWell Header BeWell Expo - Beauty & Wellness Conference - Welcome

Act 5 Cosmetics offers a high quality, brilliant pigment cosmetics that beauty lovers crave. The chic packaging can be recycled and reused, something we can all feel good about!

Anti-aging / Hair / Acne solutions
Advanced Skin and Hair creates clinically effective, natural solutions for hair and skin issues. Board-certified dermatologist Alex Khadavi, M.D. created Revivogen Natural Hair Loss Solution, Clearogen Topical Hormonal Acne Treatment, RejuveMD Anti-Aging Skin Care and Revivogen PRO for Fine and Thinning Hair.

Alfaparf Milano is an international leader in innovative professional beauty products and services, with a portfolio that includes hair care, hair color, styling and smoothing treatments. Alfaparf Milano is now unveiling the fourth generation of their iconic Semi di Lino brand, with superior results thanks to leading-edge technologies and the benefits of natural flaxseed oil.

Wellness / Detox / Anti-aging / Body care / Hair / Acne solutions / Hyperpigmentation / Lips / Rosacea
The MOROCCAN SPA is the exclusive officer/distributor of Tizi n Towri Argan Oil Women Farm Cooperative in Morocco. We provide retail and wholesale Genuine 100 percent Organic Argan Oil "TUVRheinland ISO 9001 Certified" Our company advocates for natural, fair trade healthy cosmetics, products and services.

Wellness / Anti-aging / Body care / Hyperpigmentation
Ashieda provides women with effective, clinically proven anti-aging products. The company is dedicated to maintaining and improving women's beauty through solutions that originate from our natural environment. All products in the line are dermatologist recommended.

Aura Imaging takes aura photographs with a biofeedback machine that shows your mind, body and spirit through colors. Tap into those areas that need work or a shift in consciousness. Complimentary aura photography for BeWell attendees. First come, first served!

Anti-aging / Acne solutions / Hyperpigmentation / Rosacea
Auspect Skincare has recently launched in the USA, the line is sold as Aspect Skincare in the Australian and New Zealand market and is the #1 in clinic line. The success and cult following of Aspect, now Auspect in the USA is testimony to the unique ingredients and percentages used in the formulations. The line is not available on the internet, is packed with clinically active ingredient and free of all parrabens, dyes or perfumes and price point that every clinic owner and customer will love.

Crystals Healing / Chakra Healing Wands / Pendulums / Energy Bracelets / Energy Generators / Massage Sticks
B.K.Crystals specializes in Crystal healing and Crystals healing tools. We have wide variety of crystals healing tools, Chakra balancing Wands, Pendulums, Massage Sticks, Energy Generators, Merkaba, Energy Braclets and crystals jewelry imported from all over the world.

Wellness / Anti-aging / Body care / Hair
With a passion for wellness and its connection to all aspects of beauty, Balanced Guru offers only USDA certified organic skin and hair care, spa and aromatherapy products. Formulated based on ancient Eastern wisdom and modern scientific research.

BASS has offered the Finest Quality products for more than 30 years and continues to be a leader in the industry. Offering a wide range of exfoliating tools to give your body that special feeling. Contact us 818-882-4247

Teeth whitening
As the leading supplier of teeth whitening products for professional services and home products, Beaming White is the beauty industry’s most trusted name. We are offering services and selling take-home products at the Expo.

Anti-aging / Body care / Cellulite-stretch marks / Beauty devices / Acne solutions / Hyperpigmentation / Lips / Rosacea
Bella Schneider Beauty is a market leader in the provision of advanced esthetic training, state-of the-art products, technology and support to premier destination spas, medical centers worldwide. Led by founder Master estheticain and clinical skincare pioneer Bella Schneider, PME, BSB specializes in peer education, leading-edge equipment, and products.

Wellness / Cellulite-stretch marks / Beauty devices
BelleCore is the maker of award winning body buffers that are easy to use and effective in producing rapid, visible results. BelleCore buffers reduce the appearance of cellulite dimples, provide exfoliation and deep tissue massage, and increase lymphatic drainage and circulation, in addition to other wellness benefits.

Esthetician Created Anti-Aging Body Care + Beauty Tea Blends. Scientifically-Advanced, Holistically Intelligent.

Detox / Anti-aging / Body care / Hair / Acne solutions / Hyperpigmentation
The lavender skin care line is manufactured in the United States, formulated with authentic pure French essential oil from high altitudes, which promotes natural skin healing. The peel-off masks are made in France with French alginate and natural organic ingredients infused with fruit, pure essential oil and vitamins.

Bio Seaweed Gel (BSG) is the healthier professional gel choice, featuring UNITY All-In-One Colour Gel Polish, the original all-in-one gel polish with top, base, colour and nail strengthener! Cured to the touch by sunlight, LED and UV rays, Bio Seaweed Gel does not cause dehydration, weakening or staining of the natural nails. Formaldehyde, tolune, DPB, BHA and solvent free!

Bodhisattva is a direct importer of Master-quality® antique singing bowls and bells, gongs and Buddhist art. Our mission is to help preserve the legacy of Tibetan culture and educate the medical community on singing bowls as a healing modality.

Wellness / Body care
Fun and unique body care products using only the finest butters, oils and fragrances. It's beauty on-the-go, all inspired by deliciously sweet treats. Specializing in single-use, travel-friendly and hygienic products. Paraben, phthalate and sulfate free.

Anti-aging / Hyperpigmentation / Body wear
CASS is an American luxury shapewear brand known worldwide for its innovative INVISIBELLAS collection of shaping tops, bottoms and dresses. Engineered with exclusive smart fabrics and strategic, patented stitching (INVISUPPORT®), CASS designs work together to slim, smooth and lift without compromising comfort or style.

Enjoy Catie’s Whole Food super shakes, as seen in top big wave surfer Laird Hamilton’s international best-selling book, Force of Nature, and featured in Harpers Bazaar Magazine, People and US Weekly.

Anti-aging / Acne solutions / Hyperpigmentation
Cellese Corporation introduced AnteAGE a year ago to rave reviews. Cutting-edge biosignal research, combined with a dozen other actives, makes AnteAGE the world’s most complete anti-aging skin care system. Extraordinarily high re-order rates prove that women don&requo;t just like AneAGE, they LOVE it!

Makeup / Anti-aging / Lashes-brows
The Chella Brow & Eye Collection incorporates 18 products that address all aspects of brow, lash and eye enhancement. From color kits to conditioners and masks to mascara, each product is specifically formulated to enhance the eye and create a more beautiful look. Chella’s skin care line introduces you to the science that makes it all possible, and provides age defying solutions with smart ingredients that jump start your skin’s innate repair mechanism. Chella defies expectations by creating visible, tangible and absolutely beautiful results!

Detox / Anti-aging / Cellulite-stretch marks / Acne solutions / Hyperpigmentation / Rosacea
Chiara Cosmetics is a unique line of cosmetics that combines a Western approach with the ancient traditions of Chinese and Hindu medicine. Chiara Cosmetics offers products of the highest quality for the lowest prices.

The five vegan nail lacquers by Chrome Girl Nail Polish are about art, playfulness and having a passion for the bold. They offer a brush of whimsy, a stroke of fancy and the brilliant sheen of confidence.

Anti-aging / Body care / Beauty devices / Acne solutions / Hyperpigmentation
Chromos, Inc., "powered by Lorenzo Kunze," features the ThermoLo, DermaLo and HydraLo machines. It addresses anti-aging and the removal of unwanted skin imperfections such as sun/age spots, cholesterol deposits, skin tags and cherry hemangiomas, as well as hair removal.

Wellness / Anti-aging / Body care / Cellulite-stretch marks / Acne solutions / Hyperpigmentation / Rosacea
Company founder Peter T. Pugliese, M.D. has brought superior education in skin science to practitioners of professional skin care through lectures and his text Advanced Professional Skin Care, Medical Edition. CEO Michael Q. Pugliese is a sell-out speaker at industry events, and comprehensive in-salon trainings are provided by a network of distributors across the U.S.

Clearogen is a topical anti-DHT acne treatment formulated with scientifically proven natural ingredients to block the hormonal source of acne without the systematic side-effects.

Wellness / Detox / Cellulite-stretch marks
The Healing Box is an amazing far and near infrared sauna. People are saying: "The heat is so subtle that I never overheat." "It soothes my muscles." "It warms my core." "I feel so relaxed." "My pain is gone." Come experience the healing for yourself!

Our luxury massage table line, will customize to every women's unique breast size! No more smashed breasts! Rest your breasts on the platform and it will lower for the most comfortable massage you will ever have! Made in the U.S.A.

Cosmas is a beauty distribution business with over 30 years of industry experience, specializing in European brands. The executive team includes experts in online site development and sales, developing strategies and goals to ensure success both now and for years to come.

Tens units and muscle stimulator

Crown has been the leading manufacturer of the highest quality professional makeup brushes for nearly 30 years. They continue to produce the tools professionals need to do exceptional work while maintaining the industry's highest standards and lowest pricing.

Custom Nail Solutions offers the world's only custom fit fingernails! The removable and reusable nails are guaranteed to never break, chip or stain, and do not cause the nail damage that traditional artificial nails cause. Available in various styles and shapes.

Wellness / Body-care / Cellulite / stretch marks
Daily Concepts is a new line of natural, clinically tested bath accessories that provide the ultimate bath and body experience with a functional concept. It includes a unique label indicator that fades when it’s time to replace your bath accessory.

Makeup / Anti-aging / Beauty devices / Hyperpigmentation
DermaEarth strives to elevate your skin's health and radiance through natural skin science. Results are focused and naturally inspired.

Wellness / Anti-aging / Body care / Hair / Cellulite / Body wear
DharmaSmart offers Purposeful Living Essentials from leading brands such as Maharishi Ayurveda Products and WearLuck to beautify your body, mind and spirit. Get your FREE Ayurvedic consultation with author and wellness consultant Lissa Coffey and receive 25 percent off Maharishi Ayurveda products!

Wellness / Detox / Anti-aging / Body care / Beauty devices / Rosacea
Diamond Way Ayurveda is the leader in organic professional Ayurvedic skin and body products for the spa and beauty industries. Created to restore or enhance your vitality and natural beauty, Diamond Way Ayurveda products are produced and sourced by Ayurvedic experts Melanie and Robert Sachs.

doTERRA is the difference! The certified pure therapeutic grade essential oils and wellness products will have a profound effect on your health—physically, emotionally and spiritually. Come bythe d?TERRA booth for a free sample of pure oils and complimentary health scan.

Body wear
Our biggest obstacle to our happiness is often our own self-doubt! We must discover our truth that transforms our dreams into reality. Find your answers with this transformational, ultra-soft yoga wear. Available in hoodies and short and long sleeved T-shirts.

Dr. Darren Weissman is a holistic physician, author and the developer of The LifeLine Technique. His mission is awakening consciousness one person at a time, creating world peace through inner peace.

Wellness / Body care
Since 1954, Dr. FUJI has been providing quality health and massage equipment. Dr. FUJI offers an extensive array of Cyber Relax massage chairs, Cyber Body Slimmers, foot massagers and accessory massagers.

Anti-aging / Body care / Hair / Cellulite-stretch marks / Beauty devices / Acne solutions / Hyperpigmentation / Rosacea
Dr. J SkinClinic provides professional high performance, all natural skin care, using highly potent skin care products that are extensively researched and clinically proven for efficacy and safety. Most of the core ingredients are organic and USDA certified.

Whole Body Vibration is a proven science used by hospitals, physiotherapists, chiropractors, wellness centers, professional athletes, celebrities and their trainers. The DZT FITNESS program takes 10 minutes daily, and helps build muscle mass, tone the body, improve mood, boost energy and more!

Makeup / Wellness / Detox / Anti-aging / Body care / Cellulite-stretch marks / Acne solutions / Hyperpigmentation / Lips / Rosacea
Éminence Organic Skin Care is the award-winning provider of organic and natural skin care products. Our products are free of parabens, mineral oils, petroleum and sodium lauryl sulphate. We are committed to creating products that are kind to the environment.

Anti-aging / Acne solutions / Hyperpigmentation
Specialized skin care for the body and face. It stabilizes acne and infuses brightness into discolored skin tone.

Wellness / Anti-aging / Body care
The cutting-edge CôTZ sunscreen sits invisibly on top of the skin and deflects UVA/UVB rays before they can penetrate. The CôTZ Balanced Mineral Complex™ does not irritate skin, and is free of oils, fragrances, preservatives, parabens, PABA, gluten and phthalates.

Body care
Feeling Smitten® offers the best handmade fizzy bubble cupcakes, cakes and ice cream cones for your relaxing bath. They are full of moisture rich ingredients to smoothe your skin and soothe you as you soak up one of the many scents!

For over 20 years, Florame has selected the loveliest essential oils from around the world. Light, precious and fragrant, all Florame organic essential oils carry the “from organic agriculture” guarantee, and undergo the strictest tests to guarantee optimum quality.

Anti-aging / Beauty devices
Beauty beyond cosmetics. FOREO's LUNA range of non-abrasive silicone facial cleansing brushes and anti-aging devices utilize T-Sonic™ pulsations for transformative enhancements to the health and appearance of your skin.

Wellness / Detox / Anti-aging / Body care
Offering intention-based gemstone aromatherapy sprays, energy bracelets and shea butter balms, Gem Elixirz products are made from all natural ingredients and deliver results. All products contain semi-precious pre-drilled gemstones that are ready to be repurposed into jewelry.

Viva glitter! Viva glamour! High end body makeup, densely pigmented in four shades for all skin tones.

Makeup / Anti-aging / Hair / Lashes-brows
GrandeLASH-MD is an eyelash conditioner and eyebrow enhancer made with vitamins, peptides and amino acids! It is applied like a liquid eyeliner to the base of the eyelashes. In one month, lashes appear longer, fuller and darker, with full results in three months. The recently launched GrandeHAIR uses the same ingredients as GrandeLASH-MD, and is used as a spray for the scalp at night for thinning hair.

Hair Couture's natural line of hair extensions is an exclusive collection designed to provide the best. The extensions feature a conditioned finish that sustains their natural texture and look. Hair Couture specializes in a variety of methods including I-Tip, U-Tip, Tape and Clip-Ins.

Hair Therapy Wrap, LLC provides cordless heat technology to restore, rehydrate and rejuvenate the hair in just three minutes a day! If you have dry and over-processed hair, this is the answer for you!

Body care / Skincare
Hawaiian Moon aloe is a natural formula that penetrates skin deep down to the basal cell layer. The pure, organic aloe dilates capillaries to increase circulation, carries toxins away and aids in repairing skin for a beautiful and healthy complexion.

Wellness / Detox / Anti-aging / Beauty devices / Acne solutions
Using a synergy of ancient Egyptian and quantum technologies, HighChi Power Pieces are scientifically proven to protect the wearer from the effects of radiation generated by wireless technology such as cell phones and even negative energy from other people. Let yourself be lifted!

Body wear
Our fashionable line of hip, zippered, belts store your essentials without impending your freedom. Stay active and carry your stuff, in style!

Wellness / Detox / Anti-aging / Body care / Cellulite-stretch marks / Beauty devices / Acne solutions / Maternity-baby products
The HotShotz Reusable Heat Pack helps to relax tight, stiff or sore muscles, allowing for free and easy body movements. The heat pack can be used for pain in the neck, shoulder and back, menstrual cramps or any place heat comfort is desired. It can be activated anywhere you are, and can be reused thousands of times.

Innerlight Sanctuary offers the life-changing benefits of hands-on energy therapy, helping highly sensitive and empathic individuals experience optimal well-being of mind, body and spirit. Inner Sanctuary also trains professionals to maintain healthy energy boundaries and avoid burnout while serving others.

Wellness / Anti-aging / Body care / Lips
Instantly Ageless offers four products. The number one selling product is OMG! It diminishes the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, dark circles, puffy eyes and large pores in minutes. The Moisture Lift (moisturizer), Sand of Time (microdermabrasion) and Sugar Lip Scrub complete the line.

Wellness / Body care / Body wear / Maternity-baby products
Knowing your body is key to your well-being. Intimina gives you access to the facts you need to protect every aspect of your intimate health. With a host of new products set to launch in the coming months, Intimina continues to expand their portfolio to cater to the broadest range of women's intimate needs.

IPKN Stands for “Independent Professional Knowledgeable Newyorker”. IPKN trailblaze the way in terms of creating unique cosmetics desired by women across the globe. IPKN has received media acclaims well as customer’s admiration for its creative and innovative design, product quality and efficacy.

IXXI is a cosmetic brand that originated in France. It is the only brand based on the recognized performance of the OPC from pine bark. The products combine delightful textures with premium packaging for a simple daily routine.

Keri is a medium who tunes directly into your personal energy and relays messages from spirit guides and loved ones that pertain to your life. She focuses on spiritual blockages and offers tools to help you become balanced and aligned.

Wellness / Bodycare / Cellulite / stretch marks / Lips / Maternity / Baby Products
Kimaya Skin Care offers all natural and handmade skin care products like lotion bars, salves, sugar scrubs, and unique handcrafted soaps.

Anti-aging / Body care / Lashes-brows / Cellulite-stretch marks
Laseraway offers the most advanced laser hair removal, tattoo removal, skin care and anti-aging procedures available with twelve locations throughout California.

LAshX was developed by celebrity eyelash guru Amanda Jacobellis. LAshX products are a combination of advanced techniques in lash application and the highest quality ingredients that create beautiful, lush lashes.

Anti-aging / Body care / Cellulite-stretch marks / Maternity-baby products
Little Green Me features skin and body care products by Naturopathica and Mambino Organics. Products deliver beautiful results for any skin type, as well as pregnant women, without the use of any chemicals. Little Green Me also offers unique handbags, jewelry and watches made from natural and recycled materials.

Lashes / Brows
Sought after by celebrities and beauty devotees, Daniel customizes your lash design by affixing lash extensions that vary in length, texture, color, and degree of curvature. Lash by lash, Daniel's patented technique mimics Mother Nature and painlessly extends your lashes to lengths previously thought impossible- no mascara or eyelash curler necessary.

Anti-aging/ Hair / Acne solutions / Hyperpigmentation / Rosacea
Lotus Moon is an affordable eco-friendly skin care line for balanced and radiant looking skin. The range includes anti-aging serums, moisturizers, peels, exfoliants and more.

Lumavera, a complete line of luxury skin care, is the answer to aging skin. It combines traditional health remedies with modern beauty and skin care science. The line is formulated with plant stem cell technology, virgin botanical extracts, antioxidant-packed superfoods and advanced molecular technologies to address the needs of all women.

Wellness / Anti-aging / Lashes-brows / Beauty devices / Acne solutions / Hyperpigmentation / Lips / Rosacea
The professional treatment of Martinni Beauty products consist state-of-the-art science with utter luxury. The extravagant, powerful ingredients target all types of skin needs and problems without harmful chemicals, producing dramatic results that can be seen and felt in every use.

The world’s best therapeutic glycerin filled massaging insoles are excellent shock absorbers for your feet, knees and back. The insoles fit into all shoes. They are made in the United States with durable, non-toxic materials, and come with a two-year unconditional replacement warranty.

Anti-aging / Lips
Achieving fuller lips just got a whole lot easier with the release of Vivant Skin Care’s new Maxilip Lip Plumper, a clinically tested way to increase your lip volume without lip augmentation surgery.

Anti-aging / Hair / Lashes-brows
Combats female hair loss in 30 days!

Anti-aging / Cellulite-stretch marks / Hyperpigmentation / Rosacea
The highest quality formulations, created through the research and innovation of anti-aging and hyperpigmentation specialists. Offer results superior to those of typical skin care products.

Makeup / Wellness / Anti-aging / Lips
MicaBeauty products consist of all natural powders, which are made of 100 percent pure mica and minerals, allowing the natural ingredients to work with the oils in your skin to provide flawless coverage.

Makeup / Detox / Anti-aging / Body care / Hair / Acne Solutions / Hperpigmentation / Rosacea
Harvested from the Dead Sea, this all natural skin care line is formulated with the highest quality natural botanicals, fruit extracts, and over 35 minerals and trace elements. Products are free of harmful phthalates, parabens, petrochemicals and artificial fragrance. Great for psoriasis, eczema, acne, keratosis pilaris and arthritis.

Wellness / Anti-aging / Body care / Cellulite-stretch marks / acne solutions / Hyperpigmentation / Rosacea
mybody’s effective clinical skin care formulations combine groundbreaking skin technologies with select ingredients that work in tune with the body to reawaken its own youthful skin processes. Each targeted skin care system works 24/7 to reprogram the skin from within while combating unwanted skin conditions that negatively affect overall balance and well-being.

NewBeauty Magazine is the definitive authority on all things beauty. NewBeauty gives readers an in-depth look at the beauty industry’s latest products, cutting-edge innovations and breakthrough technologies. NewBeauty is the industry’s leading scientifically accurate, expert-driven and ethically balanced beauty resource.

Wellness / Anti-aging / Body care / Cellulite-Stretch marks / Acne solutions / Hyperpigmentation / Rosacea / Maternity-Baby products
OM Ayurvedic Skin Rejuvenation products are truly 100 percent natural—unbleached and unprocessed, with no petrochemicals, parabens, synthetic compounds, fillers or perfumes. Inspired by Ayurveda and supported by clinical data, these paradigm-shifting, plant based products enhance your holistic lifestyle. Get younger looking, blemish free skin … naturally. Stop by for a free demo and get ready to be amazed by the results!

Makeup / Wellness / Detox / Anti-aging / Acne solutions / Hyperpigmentation / Rosacea
Take an inside-out approach to healing the skin, creating dramatic and permanent change without causing inflammation. Learn how to rebalance the body with internal supplements, as well as highlight your beauty with high performance mineral makeup.

Irestmassager is a cutting-edge massage device, developed by modern micro-electronic technology based on the Traditional Chinese Medicine principals of physics, bionics, bioelectronics and meridians. It is used in many clinical practices.

Wellness / Anti-aging
Perenelle Beauty is a luxury brand focusing on all natural ingredients and alchemical principles. The Nacré skin care line nourishes skin with the finest main ingredients of pearl powder, aloe vera, hyaluronic acid, blue-green algae, rooibos tea and calendula.

Plain Jane Beauty is a natural and organic collection of mineral-based cosmetics formulated with anti-aging and antioxidant ingredients to nourish and protect the skin.

Wellness / Body care / Maternity-Baby products
Premier Wellness Chiropractic has leading health professionals who are dedicated to helping you achieve your wellness objectives. We offer chiropractic services, as well as acupuncture and massage therapy to improve all aspects of your health and wellness.

Beauty Devices
Pretika Corporation is a global science-based innovator, marketer and vertically integrated manufacturer of branded consumer and professional at-home skin care devices. Pretika is defining a new category of skin care by bringing clinically-proven esthetic medical technologies out of the physician’s office and into the home.

Psychic Visions & Modern Mystic offers you a variety of services from Chakra Balancing, to Aura Alignment, Aroma-therapy to Life Coaching, Karma Connections. We have the tool's for all your spiritual needs, along with providing spiritual guidance through the art of tarot and the power of crystals.

Wellness / Anti-aging / Lashes-brows / Beauty devices / Acne solutions / Hyperpigmentation / Lips / Rosacea
Luxurious vegan natural and organic bath and body products with real essential oil aromas. They do not contain parabens, sulfates, PEG, PPG, propylene glycol, synthetic fragrance, artificial color or any other potentially unsafe ingredients. Intended for health and wellness purposes.

Wellness / Detox / Anti-aging
Quantum Balance Crystals (QBCs) are skillfully hand crafted with hundreds of thousands of nano-scale quartz crystals that are invisible to the naked eye, and larger, highly energetic crystals. The entire crystal is infused with beneficial and specific frequencies that optimize the health and vital energy of all living beings.

Wellness / Detox / Anti-aging / Body care / Hair / Cellulite-Stretch marks / Acne solutions / Hyperpigmentation / Rosacea
Ravenscroft Escentials creates the purest therapeutic-grade essential oil products possible, using all organic plant materials. Founder Ginger Ravencroft delights in sharing the never-ending uses of the magnificent healing oils that nature provides through aromatherapy!

Rejuve MD Anti-aging Treatment uses bio-identical growth factors that activate the skin’s own natural revitalizing process, stimulating collagen and elastin to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles with visible results in 60 days.

Revivogen is a dermatologist formulated natural hair loss solution for both men and women that has been scientifically proven to work. It is designed to stop the root cause of hair loss without harmful side effects.

This anti-aging treatment for fine and thinning hair for men and women addresses the root cause without harmful side effects. Revivogen PRO has an 88 percent success rate of restoring hair to its appearance three to five years earlier.

The Ria Ray collection is an invitation to discover and embrace your true self. It includes candles, mantra ties, mantra cards, bath and body products, as well as the book, Create. Humanity is Beauty. A portion of proceeds is donated to children’s charities.

Royal & Langnickel Brush is a leader in the development and manufacturing of superior-grade beauty brushes. For nearly 70 years, this family-owned and operated business has built a reputation based on integrity, quality and innovation.

Wellness / Anti-aging /
Pillow face wrinkles, creases and puffiness can become permanent. The original Save My Face! Pillows support your head, keeping your face and eye tissue away from the sleeping surface. They are used by skin care professionals worldwide. These hypoallergenic pillows can be machine washed and dried.

Wellness/ Body care
Sebastian Signs offers essential luxuries designed to enhance your everyday reality Experience, Purusa, or pure consciousness with Purusa Dream Extract, a luxury pillow spray. Style your mood naturally with Purusa Naturals, long-lasting Argan oil based fragrance gels infused with essences from petals, roots, leaves, and seeds.

Wellness / Detox / Anti-aging / Body care / Acne solutions / Hyperpigmentation / Lips / Rosacea
Skin Fitness Therapy products don’t just sit on the skin, they totally transform it. We utilize an assortment of systems and specialty elements that relate synergistically to remedy the most common and visible skin disorders in adult and teen skin.

Makeup / Lases-Brows / Lips
SO CHIC Los Angeles is a new makeup brand that brings some much-needed LA glamour to the natural beauty world. The line boasts all natural botanical, mineral and vitamin ingredients without compromising product effectiveness. The brand uses no added chemicals and does absolutely no animal testing.

Anti-aging / Beauty devices / Acne solutions / Hyperpigmentation
Solta Medical, a global leader in medical esthetics, offers a comprehensive platform of energy devices and products to address esthetic skin and body issues. Well known brands in the Solta Medical portfolio include Thermage®, Fraxel®, Clear + Brilliant®, Liposonix®, Isolaz®, CLARO®, VASERlipo™, VASERshape™, VASERsmooth™, VentX®, PowerX®, TouchView® and Origins™.

Wellness / Body care
Soulillume, founded by reiki master Sepi, means "to light the soul." Soulillume offers energetic healing and reiki for humans and pets, reiki massage, energy healing classes, meditation events, spiritual guidance and organic bath salts infused with reiki, essential oils and blessings.

Spirit Touch features energy techniques to re-program unconscious patterns and clear emotional, mental and physical stress. These approaches have proven effective at enhancing relationships, wealth, beauty, anti-aging and wellness. The Energetic Facelift™ rejuvenates skin by restoring the body's natural flow of energy.

SUJA Juice offers cold-pressed juice with healing components to deliver the purest source of vital nutrition and deep cellular hydration to your body. It helps you to feel your best!

Body care / Skincare / Baby products
Suntegrity Skincare is a natural, healthy and safe sunscreen line. Zinc oxide is the active ingredient that provides broad spectrum UVA/UVB SPF 30 protection. All Suntegrity sunscreens received NUMBER ONE ratings by the Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep® Cosmetics Database.

Sunless tanning
Tan In The Raw has exclusively developed the very first odor neutralizing post tan treatment! This product and concept, along with the ultraviolet based tanning solutions, have taken the self tanning market by storm, providing excellent customer satisfaction.

Anti-aging / Cellulite-stretch marks / Beauty devices / Acne solutions
TEI Spa has revolutionized the skin care industry by developing a collection of hand held devices. Originally designed for professional estheticians, they are now available for at home spa treatments. The targeted benefits range from deep pore cleansing to smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles.

The Doctor’s Wife utilizes important ingredients that are authentic and natural. The formula extracts plant allergens, removes unnecessary preservatives and eliminates irritating synthetics. This results in superior products for all skin types that perform the essential functions: Clean, exfoliate, nourish and protect.

The LA Fashion Magazine combines California style with Hollywood sophistication and the ease of coastal living into a vibrant mix of imagery and information. The LAFM showcases the latest fashion trends, people of influence, places of interest and SHOPPING!

Wellness / Cellulite-stretch marks
This targeted wrap tightens, tones and firms the areas of your body that YOU choose. It is pre-packaged and ready to use! The all natural ingredients in the applicator help with skin rejuvenation, reducing swelling and lipolysis. It kung fu fights cellulite, ninja chops stretch marks and eats varicose veins for dinner!

TURO Skin is a simplified skin care system with a multitude of benefits specifically formulated for men's personal care needs. This advanced collection offers quick and easy solutions for the face, body, hair and shaving. TURO Skin's nourishing and safe products are ideal for the active lifestyles of today's men.

InfiniteAloe® Skin Care is made from aloe barbadensis miller, the finest quality aloe vera that exists out of more than 200 varieties! Used for human consumption, it contains essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids. Aloe barbadensis miller is organic, free of nuts and parabens, and can be used on the face and body.

Wellness / Beauty / Body wear / detox
Feel instantly energized, focused, emotionally and physically balanced with jewelry that has been infused with harmonic energy technology! Up Your Frequency jewelry promotes a positive flow of energy in the body, and balances any imbalances in your energy system.

Wellness / detox / anti-aging / Body care / Acne solutions / Hyperpigmentation / Lips / Rosacea
Vivoderm is a family owned and operated natural skin care line developed by a holistic dermatologist. The company believes in using plant-based formulations to encourage skin to repair and restore itself, creating unique anti-aging and anti-acne solutions for all skin types.

Anti-aging / Body care / Cellulite / stretch marks / Acne solutions / Hyperpigmentation
Growth factors are vital to maintaining a youthful appearance. The skin and scalp contain multiple growth factors that regulate natural cellular renewal and damage repair processes to keep skin healthy and maintain a normal hair growth cycle. These growth factors help to reverse the visible effects of aging due to environmental factors.